Friday, 27 January 2012

More knitting

Earlier this week, I posted about the projects I knitted for my nephew. This time, I'm posting about what I knit for my niece.

Let's start with a brief introduction. Lilianne was born May 12th 2010. I was so exited that I knit a tiny hat and tiny baby booties. Although it was made tiny, they were still too big for her. She was the littlest human being I had ever seen.

While we were talking about knitting for her with her parents, they said, jokingly, they wanted a one piece bunny suit. So I research patterns, found the perfect one, and came up with this:
 Eventually, I took the feet off to allow her to walk freely and wear boots.

 For her first birthday, I came up with a little dress. I love that pattern because the dress is stretchy and it should fit her for a few years, turning into a tunic.


 For Christmas this year, I gave her a sweater. The same pattern that I used for the one I made C├ędric. I was originally picked out for her by D. Her also choose the yarn.

I also made her a litlle monster to match the sweater. I made it small because Lili is not really a plushy type of girl. And to prove it, every time we would give her the monster, she would only throw it away.

That's it for now. There'll be more in the future, because I'm not done knitting for the little ones.

Soon to come, pictures of more projects I made for loved ones.


  1. The monster is currently eating her belly while her diapers' getting changed. :)

    1. Yay!! It's not a total waste!!

    2. The monster or the diapers?