Monday, 23 January 2012



You might have noticed that I changed the background. It came to my attention that the other one was a little hard to read, I hope this background is better. Let me know.

Now, to knitting.

Some of you (probably all of those who read this blog) know that I'm a knitter. I've been knitting for a little over 4 years now. I knit stuff for myself and for loved ones. The ones I want to show off today are those I made for my nephew. His name is Cédric and he was born November 2nd 2010. He's the cutest little bugger.

Let's start with the blanket I made him before he was born. Unfortunatly, I don't have pictures of the blanket with Cédric.

Next, the little sheep onesy. It took me a while to knit it. It's kind of a boring project to do and a lot of seaming (I hate seaming). The picture was taken last April, and the sheep still fits him, so mommy uses it regularly. He just looks adorable in it.

 The next picture shows two projects. The sweater was made for his birthday, and the matching monster was made for Christmas. When he first glimpsed the monster he started smiling right away. When he took the monster in his arms, the first thing he did, with a big grin on his face, was to bite it. Throughout that day, whenever we would show Cédric the monster, he would just smile.

I am now working on something else for him, but it's a secret project (I think his parents might read the blog). Pictures to come when it's completed and given.

This Christmas, I asked my brother to bring the sweater I made with them (I wanted Cédric to wear it when I gave him the monster, of course). My brother told me he already had it on. When they arrived at my mom's place, not only did he have the sweater on, but they brought the sheep (easier to put on when he's sleeping then a coat), and the blanket (to make sure he's warm enough with the sheep for the drive home later). It makes me feel happy and warm inside when I see my knitwear used. That's why I'm make more :)

Je t'adore mon chou d'amour.

Next time, pictures of my niece with my knitwear.

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