Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pain update

The pain is still there. But...
Yesterday, I called to get an appointment with my doctor and there was a free spot today, so I trotted there this morning. She was late, as always, but told me that the pain is not fibro-related. It's just a muscle spasm. Still painful and anoying, but at least it's probably not something that will become chronic. She gave me a prescription for some massage therapy and some physio. She also told me that next time I want to see a doctor on short notice, she can always see me between patients instead of going to a walk-in clinic.

And how to I feel? Like crap. I have a headache, cramps (it's this time of the month) and my head feels like I might be starting a clod... I hope not. And I haven't knit a single stitch today yet... I still want to try and finish my current project.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Pain repport


I've had this sharp pain in my ribs on the left side, in the back, for at least two weeks. I thought it was getting better during the first week, then, it felt like it was getting worse again in the second week. I don't think it's muscular because it doesn't come up when I move much, but more if I sneeze, cough, laugh, take a deep breath or yawn. It also hurts when I lay down on my back or when I try to sleep on my side (the left side). Getting a good night sleep is really hard at this point.

I gave it time to get better, but after two weeks, I decided to go to the walk-in-clinic to see a doctor. After 2 hour wait, I finally saw the doctor, whom made up his mind as soon has he heard I had fibromyalgia (he was palpating so hard it was really hurting, but a pain that had nothing to do with the reason I was there, so I had to tell him about the fibro). He's probably right, but it still bugs me that the investigation stops there. I've seen it often when you have a chronic condition where every symptom is blamed on that condition without further investigation. I'll try doing the physio, and if it doesn't get better, I try an get an appointment with my doctor. But for now, I suffer and get little sleep.

In other news, I've been experimenting some more with dyeing yarn. with some Jacquard acid dyes. Let me walk you through it.
1- Build a niddy noddy (it a simple contraption that allows the making of skeins, normally made out of wood) with some plumbing pipes.

2- Seperate your ball of yarn into 5 smaller skeins (all still attached to one another).

3- Give each smaller skein a diferent dye bath in a gradation of colors, from bright yellow to dark red.

4- Let it dry and wound into a ball again.

And here's the other one I made that day.
This was my original insiration (it's dark red with some black in it). It's a little piece that I experimented on a while back and loved the result, but don't have enough yardage to do anything with it.

And this is what I managed this time. I think I might have mixed up the bottles of black and purple. Not quite what I wanted, but still very pretty. I already know what I'll do with this one.

Have a good week. I'm certainly planning on having one.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

New job!!

Hey!! I know it's been too long. I've been wanting to write for over a week but I've been buzy and, well, lazy.

In the last week, I've been thinking alot about my new job. And not only thinking about it, but started it. (Woot woot!!)

I met with my supervisor on Friday, and she introduced me to everyone we could find in the building, and that's a lot of people. I don't remember most of the names and even some faces are blury. After walking for a while around in the labyrinth that is now my workplace, I was given 2 huge 4" binders full with documents for me to read. In the afternnon I was left to my own devices with my binders and a short list of names of people I needed to see. Everyone is very nice and helpful, especially when I randomly asked where I could find the people associated with the names on my list. I ended the day with a saturated brain, an exhausted body and a happy mood.

Yesterday and today were dedicated to more reading and some training on the different systems. Today I saw a client at home, wrote my recommendation, faxed it, wrote my progress note and did my stats. All for the first time as an occupational therapist. It also means that I signed as an OT for the very first time. It really is starting to sink in: I'm a health care professional. I'm an OT.

I'm starting to feel like a grown-up: working and making money (not quite yet, but soon enough I'll get my first pay cheque), driving to and from work, signing paperwork without it needing to be co-signed. I have an office (well, a cubicule actually, that will change once the person I replace leaves, as I'll be taking over her cubie, which has a window), my own phone extension. I don't have a computer yet (will get that once I move) or a work email (it'll come... eventually... I hope).

I have more to talk about, and pictures, but it's not work related. Yes, it's yarn related. Tomorow maybe.

Good night

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Of cookies and yarn

Hey there.

Before I start telling you what I've been doing lately, I'll start by telling you how I'm doing: not so good.  Not really bad, but not really good.  I haven't been sleeping well for at least the last two weeks, which means my pain threshold is lower (meaning more pain) and my pain tolerance is also lower, making harder to ignore.  I think that the sleeping well is probably due to me starting the new job soon (orientation tomorow and meeting with the supervisor Friday next week).  It's positive, but stressful none the less.

Now, to how I've been spending my days.

On the skiing front, I haven't skied again, but I have new boots.  I'll be able to ski (giving that the temperature allows it) as soon as I find my old othotics and manage to fit them in the boots.  I know all of you want spring to come and stay, and I do too, but to be honest, I also want to try my boots this season.

Last week-end we went to visit my inlaws.  My niece really is cute and she runs everywhere.  I tried playing with her and giving her yogurt (I really thought that she would be my friend if I gave her her snack), but she stayed away from me as much as could manage.  I did manage a hug as they were on their way out the door.  The cutest thing she did was always calling for Papi (granddad).  Here they are together reading a book about crocodiles:

Now, about the cooking:  I've baked two banana breads and some lemon cookies last Thursday, and some gross banana-cheez whiz-olive cookies.  I know it sounds bad, and it smelled even worst, but the suggestion came from my brother-in-law a few weeks ago when I asked around for some new ideas of cookies.  I know he was joking, but I promised him some for his birthday.  He did try them and he said it wasn't bad and he was right (I ended up trying it myself).  The olive was only on top, so the banana and cheez whiz together aren't too bad.  I did make a video but I can't play it on my computer, let alone edit it to make it shorter.
Silicone baking pans make for fat banana breads

Yarn wize, I had been doing more dying.  It was also my sister-in-law's birthday.  I had a hard time finding what I could get her (she tends to buy what she wants when she wants it).  Then I had a flash of genius.  Her and my BIL are into buying locally whenever possible.  So that's what I did.  On my road trip to Log Cabin a few weeks ago, I got two skeins of local yarn (at least the alpaca in the yarn is local, and it was spun locally).  I also got some Jacquard dyes to over dye the yarn.  And then I stalked her Ravelry page to find a pattern she liked.  I have plenty of ideas to overdye more yarn.  Should get to it next week.

Picture taken by my sister-in-law

Picture taken by my sister-in-law

I've been knitting a Tee. It took just about over two weeks. I just have to show it off.

 I'm currently working on some funny slippers for D.  I get some pictures when they're done.