Thursday, 16 February 2012


I know it's been a while since last I wrote. Here's what happend since.

First, I got the job. I think I told you about a job interview mid-January. They finaly called back last week to tell me I have the job. It's at CSSS Gatineau, in home care. Which means I'll be driving to client's homes to make sure they're safe and independant, and that they don't need anything. I'll start as soon as I have my license to practice (which should in the next week or two). I'm very excited about it. You see, I've been trying to become an OT for the last 10 years.Finishing OT school was the first step, but what's the point if I don't have employement in the field? My dream is becoming reality.

Earlier this week, it was Valentines day, and this year's Feb. 14 was our 10th together D and I. What did we do for this special day? We took a Thai cooking class on Monday and we ate too much. We learned how to make (1) Green Curry Puffs, (2) Mango Salad, (3) PineappleChicken Stir-Fry, (4) Sweet Basil Beef, and (5) Fried Bananas. everything was delicious, but I particularly loved the Green Curry Puffs and the Mango Salad. And we laughed. At D mostly. The teacher asked him to prepare sauce with soy sauce, fish sauce and other little ingredients, and after a few minutes, D come to see her whipping the mix and asking how you're supposed to make bubbles in it. The teacher just laughed and said he was silly. Than I understood and told D that I thing she meant DOUBLE, not BUBBLE the mix, as in "double the recipe". The teacher was chinese and it did sound like "bubble this". But it was really funny.

And yesterday, we went skiing, again. Unfortunatly, I was only able to do 1 run down the hill, my feet hurt too much. But on the plus side, I felt no weakness or shaking in my legs. They usually feel like jelly half-way down the first run. Not this time. Tomorow, I'm going to the ski shop to see if they can do something for the pain. If not, I'll make an appointment with my orthesist (the guy that makes my shoe insoles) to see if he has any suggestions.

Knitting wise, I finished a secret project. I don't know if the person it's intended to read this blog regularly, so I'm not going to post pictures yet. I'm also working on a felted bag. The was 3/4 of a cardigan, until I realised (after both fronts, the back and a sleeve were done) that I wasn't going to have enough yarn to finish the second sleeve, the button band, the collar and all the finishing.. So it was frogged (frog means that it was riped. It's called frogging because you "rip it, rip it, rip it". Say it out loud, you'll get it). Knowing that this yarn would felt easily, I decided to make a felted project. And browsing on Ravelry (a community website, similar to Facebook, but dedicated to the fiber arts), I found a pattern for a beautiful felted bag that is sold 10$. I decided to design my own, inspired by the 10$ one. All the knitting is done. It is waiting it's turn for the washing machine (along with some towels) to be felted (felting is putting an item knitted with an animal fiber like wool or alpaca in the wash in hot water and lots of agitation to shrink it and make a denser fabric, great for slippers, bags, warm mittens). Once felted, I'm going to try an line it. Not sure how since I'm all that good at sewing, but I'll sure try. I'm also writing up the pattern to share for anyone interested (for free).
Here's a picture of the bag before it get in the wash.

On the dyeing front, I haven't touch the yarn that needs to be overdyed. Finding red food coloring days before Valentines Day proved to be impossible. So I need to wait for the grocery store to get a new shippement. (Lynne, I know Micheals probably has red Wilton's food dye, but I prefer the liquid form to the gel based ones. But thanks for offering).

See you soon.

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