Monday, 6 February 2012


For the last few weeks, I've been having fun with white yarn and food coloring (and food items), with mixed results. I've been wanting to have a go at it more seriously and enlisted a friend (Kari, you should check out her blog for her side of the story) to come over yesterday afternoon for an afternoon of dyeing yarn and good food.

Here's a recap of the day:

1- Carrot soup with veggies and hummus for lunch.

2- Set up the kitchen and start dyeing.

Supplies: food coloring, kool-aid, pocking stick, seringe and squirt bottles

Soaking the yarn

Neon green as a base color

Add some darker green and dark blue

Love the resulting colors

Soaking in orange Kool-Aid (smells good)

Orange Kool-Aid (still smells good)

Grape Kool-Aid (smells good too)

3 skeins of chunky superwash soaking

Result: I need to over dye it, there's a lot of white spots (need to buy more food coloring first, I'm out of red, of course)

3- Hang the skeins up to dry
All of them drying in the spare bedroom (you can see the white spots on the chunky yellow-orange-red ones)

Kari's beautiful 3 colored skein (purple, green and blue)

4- Dinner of homemade chicken wings (broiled, not fried) with a honey-garlic-ginger sauce and more veggies while watching the Super Bowl (I rooted for the Giants because of the red on their uniforms, of course).

5- Me exhausted but happy.

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  1. The green one is indeed awesome, and to throw a spanner in the works - I like the white bits!!!!! Great job Sarah.