Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Family time

I know I know... It's been a while... Again!! Sorry.

Here a summary of what happened since my last post.

Easter weekend
On the Friday, I went to Montreal, on my own (D was sick and stayed home). The drive went great. Got to my mom's around lunch, had a quick bite to eat and we went to the mall. I got some new clothes and shoes (purple!!). Back home, we babysat my nephew while my brother visited his wife at the hospital (she's doing great. Her recovery is super fast.)
On Saturday, I went with my brother to visit my SIL (and I drove downtown Mtl with help navigating).
On the Sunday, I visited my inlaws (D's brother's little family and D's parents) for lunch. Then drove back home.

Here are some pictures of the cutie pies:

I managed to give him the bottle

easter bunny

eating the eater bunny/dog?

lounging in the beanbag

quality time with gramma

happy little bugga

that's her "beautiful smile for the camera" smile

ponnytails and chocolate bunny

Last weekend
We went to Montreal, again. Taking the ferry accross the river from Hudson to Oka.
Self shot on the ferry

being silly

He always dreamed of having hair
Had lunch with D's brother's little family and a friend on Sunday. D wanted to spend time with his niece, since he hadn't had the chance on easter weekend.
High five

she loves the park

Being silly... again

So far, I've been saying how I love my new job. I did. Until today. It was one of those days.   Every time I left my desk for even a minute, there would be a message on my voicemail and a new problem for me to solve. And noone I trying to contact to solve those issues, were available to help me.

I stayed at my desk most of the afternoon, the phone stayed quiet, but I had visits from collegues for more problems to solve!! The clients I saw today were complex cases in which I don't know what to do.

I felt inadequate and incompetent most od the day. Except for one issue I managed to fix in five minutes.

I'm meeting with my supervisor later this week. I have a long list of questions for her.

Hope the weeks to come will be easier. Actually, I'm positive they will.

that's it for now

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  1. Little ones = sqee! They are both the cutest things!

    As to the job, I can commiserate. There will be days like that, but it will get easier! No one is going to think less of you for not knowing *everything* right off the bat - every job has a learning curve.