Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pain update

The pain is still there. But...
Yesterday, I called to get an appointment with my doctor and there was a free spot today, so I trotted there this morning. She was late, as always, but told me that the pain is not fibro-related. It's just a muscle spasm. Still painful and anoying, but at least it's probably not something that will become chronic. She gave me a prescription for some massage therapy and some physio. She also told me that next time I want to see a doctor on short notice, she can always see me between patients instead of going to a walk-in clinic.

And how to I feel? Like crap. I have a headache, cramps (it's this time of the month) and my head feels like I might be starting a clod... I hope not. And I haven't knit a single stitch today yet... I still want to try and finish my current project.

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