Monday, 26 March 2012

Pain repport


I've had this sharp pain in my ribs on the left side, in the back, for at least two weeks. I thought it was getting better during the first week, then, it felt like it was getting worse again in the second week. I don't think it's muscular because it doesn't come up when I move much, but more if I sneeze, cough, laugh, take a deep breath or yawn. It also hurts when I lay down on my back or when I try to sleep on my side (the left side). Getting a good night sleep is really hard at this point.

I gave it time to get better, but after two weeks, I decided to go to the walk-in-clinic to see a doctor. After 2 hour wait, I finally saw the doctor, whom made up his mind as soon has he heard I had fibromyalgia (he was palpating so hard it was really hurting, but a pain that had nothing to do with the reason I was there, so I had to tell him about the fibro). He's probably right, but it still bugs me that the investigation stops there. I've seen it often when you have a chronic condition where every symptom is blamed on that condition without further investigation. I'll try doing the physio, and if it doesn't get better, I try an get an appointment with my doctor. But for now, I suffer and get little sleep.

In other news, I've been experimenting some more with dyeing yarn. with some Jacquard acid dyes. Let me walk you through it.
1- Build a niddy noddy (it a simple contraption that allows the making of skeins, normally made out of wood) with some plumbing pipes.

2- Seperate your ball of yarn into 5 smaller skeins (all still attached to one another).

3- Give each smaller skein a diferent dye bath in a gradation of colors, from bright yellow to dark red.

4- Let it dry and wound into a ball again.

And here's the other one I made that day.
This was my original insiration (it's dark red with some black in it). It's a little piece that I experimented on a while back and loved the result, but don't have enough yardage to do anything with it.

And this is what I managed this time. I think I might have mixed up the bottles of black and purple. Not quite what I wanted, but still very pretty. I already know what I'll do with this one.

Have a good week. I'm certainly planning on having one.


  1. Step 5: bring the yarn to knit-night & have Lynn & I try and steal it!

    And having the doc just stop like that makes me twitch. Set up an appointment with your regular doc. :(

    ~ Kay.

  2. I was just riffing off your usual kleptomania ;) I would never steal yarn from another knitter!